Techno-Analytical support to Explorers

Working with explorers is always exciting as we are dealing with the unknown .  Our analytical support allows explorer to investigate the avenues of value  by conceptualizing what might be discovered and then through our expertise represent that as ( hopefully a successful) operating mine and business.

With our experience we have a good idea of up to date operating costs, capital, technology and how to design open pits and underground mines, fiscal parameters  and prices  and we can apply this to the  geological  size and shape that is being explored.  

We have used this approach successfully  with copper explorers to help them chose between going deeper to higher grades and higher costs  or extending the deposit laterally at lower grades.

We can use  fast and inexpensive methods to help guide explorers to value by providing an analytical picture and a series of targets.

If you would like us to bring our analytical skills onto your team, please Contact Us