Breakthrough Projects

Breakthrough Projects are typically major technical, commercial or operational challenges that face a business and to which a ‘business as usual’ management approach has been unable to solve . Increasingly these are being thrown up by changes in environmental legislation or simply higher standards , and also by changes to the commercial environment as well as opportunities thrown up by further exploration work . They often arrive without much notice and their resolution needs to be speedy. The designation of a Breakthrough Project is a statement of intent by management to address the matter head-on and provide the resources necessary to ‘ breakthrough’ the challenge.

Breakthrough Tools

Our capabilities to ‘solve’ difficult technical and operational challenges has never been better than today thanks to technological advancement and critical thinking. Getting together the right people with the right leadership and  clear guidance can deliver Breakthrough  Thinking of enormous value , or at least a potential  route to such .

As well as participation , an important role the Teviot plays is in providing analytical rigor to the process and suggested solutions . Without this we have found that half baked , incomplete solutions can take on inappropriate weighting leading to a wastage of time and resources .

We are great believer in the mantra .. Adopt ,  Adapt , Invent … in that order  when it comes to making change. We are experienced in ‘Value Engineering’  and have found it a most useful approach to Breakthrough Projects .

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