Independent Mining Investment Review

As well as its traditional investor base , mining is increasingly attracting investors who are less versed in the sector , but who are keen to participate in the strong and substantial value that can be created through well considered mining investments. Historically this has been an area of regular activity for Teviot. Our analytical, bottom line approach supported by heavyweight operational and technical skills have made these engagements valuable to our clients , irrespective of whether they invest , decline or hold .

There is always a fear that you are missing something important , especially when investing in a  new area .

Teviot Mining Consulting offers :

Knowledge based on our lifetimes of work with blue chip companies on mining and resources

Deep understanding of the intricate  business models of many industries and how they make money

Recognition of what differentiates good long term investments

Familiarity and ability to spot the ‘bundling’ of projects and ‘tweaking’ of technical assumptions to create  unrealistic scenarios.

Truly independent expert advice , at a time when you really need it, to help you make a better , more informed decision.

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