Independent advice for Owners and Investors

Mines and Money are inextricably linked and a well timed, well executed mining project can deliver financial returns that are exceptional and lasting. Importantly, many investors new to Mining do not know that much of the risk associated with a new venture or acquisition can be greatly reduced or even eliminated by a good quality project evaluation or due diligence. Nowadays programmes of technical work can be undertaken at low costs and can address the primary areas that underpin the success of a project , and hence avoid any nasty surprises later on when funds have been expanded or when title has passed.

Whilst there is always an urgency in the air when a mining opportunity is identified, a good technical evaluation should never be sacrificed for expediency . The classic staged approach of Conceptual study , Pre feasibility and Feasibility has become the classic as it has shown itself to be the best way of exploring and managing the risk of the unknowns associated with a mining venture in staged way. Combined with an industry study that will give a good idea for the prospects for the product and a cost curve analysis that will provide an indication of how competitive the mining project will be in cash cost terms , we have all the weaponry the owner or investor needs in considering the merits of the mining investment.