Best Practice in Strategic Planning

Good strategy development and implementation are rare, but when it is done properly it can transform an organisation and give it a purpose and vitality that drives success .  These are key best practice elements we have come across :

The strategy must have a measurable goal – the more specific the goals the better .  Doubling the value of the business in 5 years is not a bad starting point.

Its more about the Process than the Plan .  A good logical process that is empowering and inclusive  will create a lot of internal momentum to drive the company in the right direction .  The Plan itself should become just a record of the thinking rather than tablets of stone

One reason seemingly good strategies fail is because management does not integrate the strategic  objectives into its management systems and reports .  If reducing costs is a key strategic priority , then the first part of management report and Board report should focus on this  issue .  If there are 5  key strategic tasks , then monthly reports and Board reports  need to be configured so  progress is monitored  and measured .      

‘What gets measured gets managed’ says management guru Peter Drucker. If you are looking for assistance with your Strategic Planning Process, Contact us