Best Practice in Conceptual Analysis

We know that this is the highest point of leverage of any project and good thinking here costs relatively little compared to the massive value add.  Ideas and approaches we have  found useful in this area include:

Don’t be bound by JORC definitions, use your best guess of how the resource and grades will look when its drilled out .

Use spreadsheets and mine planning tools to easily explore options, after all it’s a financial ranking we want. Therefore make them simple and easy to use  and avoid Black Box inputs ( inputs that cannot be easily and simply checked for gross errors) 

Do this work in house rather a than through a large bureaucratic consultancy . You want to be able to quickly simply and cheaply explore avenues of value.

Important to document all cases so as you have a clear rationale and demonstration that you have covered most if not al the bases.

If there is a particular key to significant value e.g. a difficult to recover mineral or a shortage of water or power  , this then becomes a Breakthrough Project.

Teviot does some of its best work at this stage of a Project and is able to help clients explore options quickly and comprehensively allowing it to identify the best way forward , with a clear rationale why. Contact us