Early Stage Exploration

We leave the geological exploration strategy to other experts and we focus on matters where analytical work can provide valuable insights to help with successful exploration, including :

Conceptual cash flow  modelling – what might be discovered  pre-JORC (based on local and regional geological input ) in terms of grade and tonnage.  What might it look like in terms of production, environmental footprint and value?

Is this potentially an open pit, underground mine or both ? What  does that mean for the target tonnages and grade ?

Comparative analysis with other explorers and operations , locally and globally , looking at what we can learn from others ,  potential indications of value or undervaluation .

Evaluation and representation of multi-product targets – Is this a gold or a copper deposit or maybe both ?

Our analystical work includes : Size of the Prize analysis . Relevant commercial deals , be it for mineral rights , projects or companies .

Value communication strategy – how to optimise the value of your discovery if its undervalued by the market

More details of our Techno-Analytical support to Explorers can be found here