Conceptual (Order of Magnitude) Stage Projects

This is the point of highest value creation leverage in the entire life of a project. Enormous value can be added with the right ideas and strategies , and its important that all reasonably prospective avenues of value are explored and documented including mining methods , processing technology, scale, and end product. It is at this stage that Teviot’s technical and analytical skills are of most value to clients in areas such as :

Identification of development  routes that leverage the  key competitive advantages of the project to reduce risk , minimise costs and optimise cash flows

Modelling of  many scenarios of size,  scale , grade,  product and technology  is very helpful but needs to be done with a small team of experts  and focused on the practicalities of optimizing the project and keeping avenues for future value addition open .

Project planners should be looking way beyond JORC to what is considered the true potential of the discovery

In challenging projects , its often helpful to frame that challenge from ‘Will this project work ?’ to ‘How do we make this project work ?’

As for any investment that required investors funds , we need analytical assessment of key risks, opportunities and comparative analysis

More guidance on good practice in managing projects at the Conceptual stage is provided here