Corporate Strategy

Unlike Operations,  Corporations and their staff have more time and space to think carefully about the longer term direction of the Company and what is needed to create additional value and avoid value destruction – it is a vitally important part of the value added by a corporate office.

‘Strategy Development ’ has a mixed reputation in the mining and resources world  .  To many it’s the long term plan created by Head Office that gathers dust on the shelf  .  In other cases it’s  a post rationalisation created by a company to make something that happened by chance or good luck , seem like it was a well thought through and orchestrated move .

Good strategy development and implementation is rare , but when it is done properly it can transform an organisation and give it a purpose and vitality that inevitably drives success. Read more about our views on Best Practice in Corporate Strategic planning as it applies to mining companies and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

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