Best Practice tools in Mining Operations Management

Here are a handful approaches to managing,  planning and execution in Mining that we have found very useful in managing mines , big or small , at home or overseas. They have allowed good management to unlock enormous value over the years …and here’s why …

Activity  Based  Costing – Looking at costs per unit through process may drive financial accountants nuts but for operations managers it a great way of knowing your costs , understanding them and talking to the workforce in a language that we can all relate to .  Management accounts are best be based around Activity Based Costing

Dimensions of Excellence .  This approach has enormous value in either raising standards in an operation as a whole or in targeting a certain under performing  area . Importantly , with a bit of facilitated self assessment , it is  an internally driven process that employees love as it is empowering for them . It also provides a great basis for setting bonus or incentive goals for the operation. An example diagnostic chart can be seen here , representing 21 identified dimensions of excellence in water management.

Strategic Production Planning is perhaps the most powerful tool we have seen and used. It is a framework that allows management  to look at the configuration of the productive assets in the context of the ore body and its characteristics. It asks the question – is this the best way to be mining and processing this ore body ?  Often a mine’s assets are configured based on the initial BFS , and our approach allows for a fundamental reconfiguration using far better , up to date information and insight. often years later . It delivers fabulous value usually in the form usually of a project portfolio and a roadmap to value

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