Best Practice in Breakthrough projects

By definition, these sort of challenges cannot be solved with a ‘business as usual’ approach .  The most successful approaches we have seen involves bringing together a team of experts who know their subjects inside out and can shoot reliably from the hip regarding technology, costs, industry practice and Innovation.  They need to be well facilitated  by a professional person , with a clear  process  that encourages participation by all , not just the most  vociferous.

The best solutions or components of solutions are , in order …

Adopt – do what others are already doing

Adapt  – do something sililar to others but modified to suit your needs

Invent – This is a last resort  

When looking for adoption or adaptation its sometimes good  to try and identify an industry or a company or a situation whether this challenge matters more than it does to you – and look there for a solution.

We think it is best practice to include a business analyst so as the economics of a solution or a line of thinking can be assessed. Maybe someone has an idea and they thing its too costly – as they have no clear  understanding  of the value of the breakthrough

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