BFS or similar stage projects

Feasibility studies , or similar studies are expensive exercises with an uncertain outcome . In many instances the objective is seen as the completion of a Study document , rather than the definition of the optimal development route , with all reasonable alternatives assessed and compared . The bringing together of all the component parts of a BFS is a complex exercise and mistakes in interpretation and calculation are commonplace. The independent review of a feasibility study is a piece of work that is strongly recommended as an important part of good governance . Teviot’s broad technical and analytical skill base is available to assist in the management of the BFS , in concert with the Owners team , and to provide independent third party review when required.

BFS Study management

BFS leadership , integration of multidisciplinary project teams

Management of the  Financial  / Economic Assessment element of BFS, working with inputs from management and other technical consultants  , including construction of financial models  and Delivery of final documentation .

BFS  – Independent  Review

Review of entire BFS, applying our technical , commercial and analytical skills  to identify any significant flaws or missed opportunities in the bringing together of the multitude of diverse inputs into a single business case .

Review of parts of BFS such as Financial Evaluation Section including auditing of business  models , cash flows and NPV analysis

Teviot has managed several BFS’s and alike in recent years across a wide range of projects including Coal mines and Tied power stations , coking coal mines , iron ore mines and copper mines . For further further insights into what we think are Best Practice elements please read further.