About Us

Teviot Resources provides independent consultancy services  in Mining . Our passion is the pursuit of Best Practice in all aspects of mine management , from Project to Operations to Closure.

We bring multi-disciplinary analytical skills and expertise to focus on the  business of mining, with a clear and unwavering focus on operational and financial performance.

Our career-long backgrounds in international resource development covers gold , copper , zinc,  nickel  and bulk minerals such iron  ore, thermal and coking coal provides a wealth of mining business  knowledge.

We have operational credibility in mining management , right up to Board level , with extensive hands on  international business experience in large and small mining companies , explorers  and  mining contractors.

Teviot’s experience  covers both open pit and underground mining operations and projects

Teviot  has created a deep knowledge base and uses a range of tools  to help manage mining operations to meet the objectives of shareholders in the areas of cash flow , profits , short and long term value optimization .

Teviot  works across the lifespan of mines , helping young companies to help focus their efforts , helping established mines optimise their businesses, execute business turnarounds and Breakthrough Projects, extend life and invest capital wisely. At a corporate level we specialise in effective Strategic Planning and getting traction with Operations.

Teviot also provides review services to mining investors  to assist in the appraisal of mining companies and  projects and make better , more informed investment decisions.

NEW By arrangement Teviot provides Tele-consulting services to parties looking to get up the learning curve on particular industries and companies

NEW By arrangement Teviot provides senior business leadership in mining project and business on a short term contract basis. This allows project to move quickly with good leadership whilst permanent appointments are made .