Mining Projects

  • Teviot is a Project Manager, Developer and Operator.
  • Teviot’s focus is the efficient and safe development of high quality mining operations on large or small scale, fit for purpose budget.
  • Projects in Partnership with local business and local communities.
  • Project management style is data driven, strongly technically focussed and analytical.

Teviot is not an explorer and enters projects in partnership with the owner once a potential orebody has been found.

Teviot adds great value to all stake holders in its technical optimisation of mining projects, with a strong focus on utilising local advantages, for example – labour , geography, and raw materials to make a competitive operation.

Partner of Choice for Ore Body and Mine Owners

Teviot is your junior partner of choice for investors in mining projects

Teviot has a fabulous capability to identify and evaluate new opportunities and the re-opening of old mines. It does this in house and utilising its advisory partners where specialist skills are required.

Teviot then uses its extensive net work to identify investors who represent that natural owners of the resource and as such would have interest in acquiring it .

Teviot works in partnership with the acquirer to jointly assess the opportunity , develop an acquisition plan and a project implementation plan .

Teviot is a long term junior partner in the business, utilising its organisational capabilities to support the acquirer in developing the project into a successful long-term business.

Present Project Portfolio

Mining and Exploration Projects
Coking Coal
Iron Ore
Rare Earths

Teviot has an active portfolio of partnership projects covering the commodities above.
In addition we have other projects seeking investors and investors seeking projects’

Teviot knows projects

Teviot management has extensive experience in international project evaluation and development across a wide range of minerals.

  • We have developed iron ore mines around the world
  • We have purchased and developed coal mines
  • We have managed bought and sold Copper mines
  • We have unparalleled up to date experience in industrial minerals projects including potash and rare earths.